Disclosure pursuant to Art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (Updated version 25 May 2018)

Through this general disclosure made in full compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 "Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and on the free movement of such data" (hereinafter the EU Reg), Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A, Data Controllers, intend therefore to fully describe the methods of management, processing and protection of personal data provided.


Pursuant to Article 26 of the EU Reg, Data Controller (hereinafter also jointly "Joint Data Controllers") of the data are:

Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A. (hereinafter "RB") having its headquarters in Gussago (BS), Via Massimo Bonomi, n. 1, Tax Code 00296000177, VAT No. 00551700982, Tel. 030/8250011 - Fax 030/8920465


The data collected by the Data Controller is exclusively generic personal data (Name, Surname, Birthday, Birthday City, Social security number, Phone Number, email, Company Name, Job Description, Address, / Fax, VAT number, Fiscal Code, Address), photos and Simulator data.


The processing of your personal data has the following purposes:

a) Participation to the contest announced by Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi;

b) Realisation of photographs and videos which will be published on our website and on some social networks together with the result you achieved;

c) Dispatch of informational material to promote services, products and initiatives;


The provision of personal data for the purposes referred to in point a) is mandatory in order to be able to proceed with the registration requested.


The processing, carried out only by personnel directly authorized by the Data Controller, is effected according to principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and can be carried out with or without the aid of electronic or automated tools. This treatment will include all the operations envisaged by Art. 4, n. 2, of the EU Reg (collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of provision, comparison or interconnection, limitation, deletion or destruction of data) and necessary to the processing in question, including communication to the subjects listed in the following paragraph "Data communication". The data will be recorded and stored both in paper and electronic archives, according to principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, with organisational systems related to the purposes of the processing. In addition, to protect data from destruction or loss (including accidental) and to ensure its integrity and confidentiality (including against unauthorized access or disclosure) and in general to ensure the rights of the data subject, the Data Controller has adopted technical and organisational security measures in compliance with the provisions of the EU Reg (with particular reference to Articles 24, 32 and 35).

The personal data processing will be carried out by electronic, automated and/or manual instruments in compliance with the requirements of regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), in this specific instance, an operator by means of a camera and a video camera will realise photographs and clips showing your image.


Personal data may be disclosed to parties authorised to process data (employees of the Joint Data Controllers), pursuant to Art. 29 of the EU Reg, for the aforementioned purposes. The collected data may also be communicated to subjects external to the companies, appointed as Data Processors pursuant to Art. 28 of the EU Reg, operating on behalf of each individual Data Controller and according to his instructions, but exclusively for activities strictly related to the purposes indicated above. An updated list of data processors can be obtained by contacting Data Controller.


Personal data collected for the purposes indicated will not be disseminated.


Personal data will be processed for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes indicated above and in any case until the interested party sends a cancellation request.


Personal data will be stored at the headquarters of the Data Controller Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A. and in any case within the European Union.


The visitor to whom the personal data refers has the right to request access to, obtain at any time from the Data Controller (Article 15 of the EU Reg), correct (Article 16 of the EU Reg) and cancel his personal data at any time (right to be forgotten) (Article 17 of the EU Reg). The data subject is also entitled to limit the processing of personal data (Article 18 of the EU Reg), the right to the portability of the same (Article 20 of the EU Reg) and the right to object to its processing, for legitimate reasons (Article 21 of the EU Reg), as well as obtaining a copy of the essential content of the joint ownership agreement (Article 26, paragraph 2 of the EU Reg).

In cases where the treatment is based on the explicit consent of the person concerned, the latter can always revoke the consent given. However, this does not prejudice the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given prior to the revocation.

In any case, the visitor has the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor, as required by Art. 77 of the EU Reg, or to appeal to the appropriate courts pursuant to Art. 79 of the EU Reg if it considers that the processing of personal data referring to him has occurred in violation of the provisions of the EU Reg.


The rights of the interested party identified above may be exercised at any time by sending an email, fax or letter with his/her request to the attention of the Internal Privacy Contact Person. In particular:

Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A. an e-mail addressed to:, a fax to the number 030/8920465, or a registered letter to the office of Via Massimo Bonomi, n. 1 - 25064 Gussago (BS).